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Money Management Approach

At Lifetime Financial Group we believe that money is a tool for living life now and in the future. Clients who are taking the first step towards financial planning or who are planning for a new life transition often have questions. 

We actively manage money to build wealth for clients while taking into account their comfort with risk and need for tax management.  Our investments are informed by ongoing research using a variety of methods. We also offer options for socially conscious investment products.

Careful Risk Management

We take great care to preserve and grow our clients' wealth by carefully selecting from a wide variety of investments based on our own proprietary criteria.

Tax Management

We consistently look at ways to incorporate tax management into our clients' financial picture, but not at the expense of performance!

Active Management

We take a hands-on approach to overseeing all of our investment strategies by reviewing current and future investment opportunities on a regular basis. We do our research!

Investment Research

Our research methods include both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Some of conventional and unconventional strategies include:

  • Having a dedicated analyst on our staff
  • Utilizing tools for advisors such as Lowry’s on Demand, Bank Credit Analyst, Value Line, and Morning Star
  • Actively taking advantage of educational opportunities nationally through conferences and workshops
  • Seeking out opportunities to meet the designers of investment products to get new ideas

Socially Conscious Investment Opportunities

As an additional benefit, we identify, research, and monitor a variety of products that may allow clients to invest money in a way that matches their values, without sacrificing performance.