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Service Model

Why Should You Start a Relationship with Us?

You will gain trusting relationships with a staff of independent thinkers who are not wed to specific products or quotas. We truly want to understand your needs and goals. You will know that your money is being competently managed to work for you over your lifetime, so that you can accomplish what means most to you.

What Do We Do for Clients?

Lifetime Financial Group will help you meet your goals and plan for important life transitions, such as getting an education, pursuing a lifestyle goal, retiring, growing older, or receiving an inheritance.  As a full-service independent financial services firm we personalize advisory services for individuals, families, and small businesses that include:

  • Holistic or targeted financial planning
  • Customized money management beyond simple asset allocation
  • Consolidation of account statements
  • Strategies for minimizing taxes
  • Portfolio reviews
  • Retirement asset rollovers
  • College savings plans
  • Retirement planning
  • Life transition planning
  • Insurance solutions
  • Estate planning
  • Multigenerational family meetings
  • Educational seminars

We work closely with small businesses to also provide services such as:

  • Employer and employee focused retirement solutions
  • Introductions to professionals in our network

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to review your personal financial situation and start a financial discussion.

Client Education

One of our roles is to help clients understand how to think about financial planning, money management, and investing so they can make informed decisions. Visit our Planning for Life page to learn more about issues such as retirement planning, tax strategies, insurance solutions, and more.